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Disclaimer & Liability Waver

The paragraph below is applicable to all services booked with Your Grateful Guide (aka The Grateful V). Pleas read prior to booking any service.

Liability Waiver

I acknowledge that by registering and purchasing a service, or ticket to an event I have read, understood and agreed to the following:

I understand and acknowledge that Your Grateful Guide (aka The Grateful V coaching services) is not providing medical advice and that this class/session is not a substitute for working with my licensed healthcare providers. 

I understand that nothing presented during this class/session is to be taken as professional medical advice. This class is not a substitute for counselling, psychotherapy or psychoanalysis and does not deal with the diagnosis or treatment of conditions or symptoms. It does not deal with specific trauma and is not a substitute for one on one professional support. 

I understand that the class/session is intended to be used as a compliment to my current healing practice and may provide general knowledge and skills to be used alongside my current practice. 

I understand that the guided exercises in this class are to be followed to the best of my judgement and that I am fully responsible for my own well-being during these classes. 

I understand that there are no guarantees with regards to the outcome of this class and that Your Grateful Guide (aka The Grateful V) does not make any claims to healing or recovery as a result of this class. 

I understand that this class is voluntary and by signing up I personally assume all liability for any injuries, risks or damages, known and unknown that may result from taking this class. 

I understand that this session is taking place over ZOOM and that with the nature of all online work, this session cannot be totally secure or confidential.

By reading this and purchasing a service I agree to all of the above. 

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